Join the resistance, and get ready to defend the base from the mutant hunters. The global threat is upon us in the latest game by KingsGroup Holdings and it’s time to resist the war of the future. Do you have what it takes to be the commander that can defend? Can you foil the sinister plot Dr. Claw is hatching? Test yourself in the MMO strategy game Dino War.

The dinosaurs stomp back to life in this game that we present you here today. Brace yourself for a global carnage, and join the immersive game world that’s full of beasts. The science fiction strategy game is currently in its closed beta testing phase, and is coming live soon.

What promises to be a great game is nothing like the other survival games of the same genre such as Jurassic Survival as here, you don’t just fight for survival, you build your safe havens, and you resist the carnage. So, let’s walk you through the game, and see if it’s worth the hype.

Dino War Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

Dino War is a science fiction themed strategy game that follows a thrilling, and intriguing game plot. A scientific breakthrough at GenSys lab brings the dinosaurs back to life, making the world dino-crazy. Things further take a dark turn when the beasts turn against wild, and the civilization collapses. The borders disappear, the governments are dissolved, and high walls are built to survive the carnage.

In the age of war, every human being must fight to survive. When the vengeful scientist unleashes the beasts infected with virus, the end of the society seems near, and every survivor must cling together to survive, and escape the evil forces that are trying to wipe them out.

As the survivors seek shelter in the GeneSys base, it is up to each survivor to resist the monsters in order to fight, and live. To end the nightmare, you must build a base, and protect it by all means.

Build an army!

The game is not just about fighting back to evil powers; it’s also about managing the armed forces, and resources at your disposal. Your headquarter is your fortress in the Wilds. Upgrade it so you are always ready for what lies outside.

Build an army, and train some infantry so if Claw strikes you, you are ready to face him. When the enemy attacks, hit them with everything you have got. Fight the new dawn army and reclaim the land for your base.

Build an energy generator to produce Energy, and upgrade it to increase the energy production. Upgrade all your structures to form an epic, deadly defense for the attacks from the enemies.

Fight the beasts!

The mighty beasts aren’t hard to defeat, if you have the right skills. When the enemy attacks, fight with everything you have got, and win. You can crank your stats, pump out your troops anytime the enemy attacks.

Collect items and resources after winning the battles in order to fortify your base, and legacy. You can also produce materials, and trade them with other commanders to grow.

It’s all about the survival here, and no one is your friend in the journey. Watch out for the neighbors, as they will always to ready to sacrifice you in order to survive another day in this game. There are plenty of missions in the game, and achieving any of them will earn you rewards, and upgrade your army.

Immersive game world to explore!

What works for Dino War is also the fact that the game features an immersive world where there are several subplots to explore, and kickass characters to choose from. You can also chat with thousands of people online, and forge alliances with them.

The game provides a stunning visual experience to the gamers, thanks to the groundbreaking 3D animation, which makes your survival experience even more thrilling. It’s a fun experience that you must try if you are a fan of survival games, or even strategy games. So, without further ado, head over to Google Play Store now, and give this game a shot. Enjoy!

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