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Get ready to mix and match as we take you to the colorful world where you have to match your way to victory. Diamond Diaries Saga is a brand new puzzle linker game from King; the force behind the mobile sensation Candy Crush Saga. While their latest game is largely inspired by the smash hit, the plenty of differences between the two set Diamond Diaries Saga apart.

King has made a name for itself with a variety of Saga series, and titles, but when it comes to Candy Crush games, everything else fails. The simple, and sweet match 3 puzzlers offer players with a colorful, treat filled experience in the form of hundreds, and thousands of levels.

The latest entry in their match-3 puzzles shakes things up further by throwing some shiny diamonds to the mix. Here, players will take on intricate puzzles features across tons of levels.

Diamond Diaries Saga Review, Walkthrough, and Gameplay

The game is all about skills, and logic. The game, indeed like any other Saga from King, involves swiping pieces across the screen, but this time, you will be swiping diamonds. It is a different kind of candy puzzler though; here you will focus on getting the long chains of diamonds to make the most out of it.

In this puzzle game, you have to connect various like colored pieces of diamonds using the fewest number of moves to clear the board. Swipe the screen, and combine the identical stones to remove them. Try to make the maximum long chains, as they can get you extra reward.

Exciting puzzle adventure – Collect the diamonds!

Enjoy a sparkling new way to connect the beautiful charms. Create precious jewellery items by linking 3 or more charms of the same color. As you begin playing the game, you will have to connect a gigantic diamond found in the upper part of the screen with a necklace on the lower side.

By connecting more than three pieces, you will clear the screen so that the gem can make its way to the necklace. Link 6 pieces to create a vertical or horizontal ray.

Each level has its own goals, and offers you a new experience. In some levels, you have to make a liquid rise up from the lower side of the screen in order to open the diamond containers, and in some, you will connect Russian nesting dolls with other colored gems. Your main aim in the puzzle adventure is to complete the goal before you run out of moves.

Link charm combos

Initially the game is quite simple, and it’s easy to match your way through different levels. But as you proceed into the gameplay, and advance to higher levels, more elements are introduced, and here’s when things get tricky.

Apply different power ups and set records. The game also has a number of magic bonuses and prizes as well that you can get your hands on, and advance in the game quicker.

Travel to exotic cities

In the fun, and challenging levels, players will get to travel to exotic cities of the world. In each city, you will find heaps of treasures that require immediate destruction.

Exciting game modes

The interesting thing about Diamond Diaries Saga is that the game does not solely focus on one type of puzzle. As you advance higher in the game, and take on new levels, you will find new themes, and different ways to solve them.

Play the puzzles with your friends!

Take on the challenges alone, or play the exciting puzzle with your friends, the choice is yours. You can also compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score in this sweet adventure.

With tons of different puzzles, and new possibilities to discover, Diamond Diaries Saga proves to be a great puzzler. While the game stays connected to its roots, it’s also a new experience altogether. If you love King like we do, the game is definitely worth a try. Diamond Diaries Saga is now available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes for gamers all around the world to grab. Enjoy!


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