Tired of useless files taking up your phone’s space? Frustrated by a lagging phone which slows things down? So, its time to clean, boost, and speed up your phone by a nifty cleaner app for worry-free web surfing is never a bad idea. Created by PSafe – DFNDR Performance is a feature rich, easy to use cleaner recently out that will quickly optimize your phone so let’s look at the features.

DFNDR Performance Features

Free up your RAM

Free up the internal memory as well as the SD card space by getting rid of the residual files, cache, and navigation data, ultimately leading to the better performance of your device. Use the quick clean shortcut on your home screen to give your phone a quick boost.

Manage Apps

Manage your apps and delete the ones no longer need in one go, because who has got the time to delete apps manually, right? So, in one click, delete all the unwanted apps and their data. Maintaining your phone was never easier.

DFNDR Antivirus was created with the sole purpose of protecting your phone. It can quickly scan the phone and fix any security threats to your device.

Lagging phone?

Click on the Quick Cleanup to fix any vulnerability, and optimize your device with a single click. Moreover, tap the thermometer on the main screen and cool your CPU.

Monitor Battery

Stop worrying about overcharging your device as Total Charge monitors your battery, and prevents it from over charging. So, the next time you forget the phone on charge, thank this feature.

Accelerate Internet

Tired of slow internet? Slow internets isn’t always your internet company’s fault so stop cursing them and use our Accelerate Internet feature from the TOOLS tab to close all the background apps that are using your internet.

Enhanced Gaming

Boost your gaming experience with DFNDR’s Game Booster feature where you simply have to click the plus icon (+) to add any game that you want to accelerate. Bam, now you are ready to play your favorite games lag free.


Lock your applications using the DFNDR’s vault just to make sure no one can access them. Do so by tapping on the TOOLS tab, and selecting the vault feature. Slide the apps you want to lock to right, and create a password, or a pattern as your access code. Voila, you have protected your apps! And to make them look more stylish, you can add different themes to your lock screen so rush now.

However, if you are planning to use this feature for a couple of times a day, it might feel burdensome due to the lack of fingerprint scanner.

Additional Features

In additional features of the app, you can view the weather updates of your city for the next 5 days, so keep an eye on that as well.

The APP Assistant

Activate the app’s performance assistant to easily manage the phone’s performance, and to get recommendations on how to optimize your phone’s performance in the best way.  All you have to do is to activate the Performance assistant by sliding it to the right. Once done, forget worrying about your phone’s maintenance. DFNDR performance Assistant has got you covered.

Like most of the Android antivirus products, DFNDR is free but if you can’t stand the ads, you will have to pay $4.99 annually to get a premium membership. But is it worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

One thing that hits DFNDR hard is its ads which sometimes become too much that you think the app is more focused on recommending their other products rather than just helping you secure a device. So download the app from Google Play Store now to give it a shot, and find whether it suits you or Nah.

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