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Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life has been developed by GameHouse. A new chapter of life is about to start soon in Emily’s life. There is a new baby coming on board and all the family is really excited about it.  However, its a huge change and nonetheless it would not be easy to handle it with so much already going on in Emily’s life. Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life is coming your way for a new challenge. Gear up!

Keeping all this in mind, Emily is an entrepreneur and runs a small cooking business. In addition she just recently started her new video blog. Moreover she has managed to capture a huge loyal customer base as well. So now the problem is that how will Emily handle all these things going on in her life simultaneously.

Help Emily solve her problems and go through this change. Also help all the family welcome this new member in the club. Discover 6 different locations in Emily’s life. Take up new challenges everyday. Moreover as she is expecting its a roller coaster of emotions for her and the family. This is what all of them wanted since a long time.

However, this is not going to be easy. Each and everyday is going to be a new challenge. Will Emily be able to cater to all these challenges. Explore more about the game and find out.

Emily's Miracle of life

Before starting Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life, let’s learn about how to proceed with the game. First of all you will see that the customers will come and will give their orders based upon their preferences in the menu. Likewise, the more a customer has to wait, their patience level will drop and they will leave angrily.

Moreover, make sure the customers leave happy and pay a good tip. Also don’t forget to clean the table after they go. Similarly, grab the products to prepare customers meal. Some products can be grabbed with a single click while others may require several actions. In addition, some products will need frequent restocking.

Emily's Miracle of Life

Some stations might require you to complete customers actions. After completing their actions, check out  customers at the counter front by clicking the cash register.  You will get extra score if you check several customers at once at the counter and deliver all of their order at once.

Choose your menu before starting a level. Spend diamonds to customize the nursery and share it with your friends. Achieve trophy postcards and customize them with personal messages. Not just this, you will also find a mouse in the game, Carl who will show up on every story level. Finding him will give you 100 extra points.

So get ready to help Emily through this drastic life changing experience. Download and Play this game right now and don’t forget to give us your feedback.


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