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Step into the apocalypse (or don’t! Abort mission, Abort Mission right now!), slash through the dead army, and watch their brains pop out when you shoot them like a pro. Violence, adventure and fast-paced action – everything you hope for, when you hear the game is about zombies. Developed by Gameloft, Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is set in a vast field where survival is everything you are fighting for in a post-apocalyptic world. This game is all about surviving a zombie apocalypse but it’s not just another typical zombie game.

Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is one of its kind game and has already attracted a lot of audience prior to the official release. Developed by Gameloft, Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is an MMO game set in a vast field where survival is everything and you are fighting for in a post-apocalyptic world where your ultimate mission is to kill the zombies and find a safe haven for the people.

Blow the enemy to smithereens with your upgraded ammunition, a lot of it, including guns, grenades and everything you need to get a fully fledged MMO experience. Kill the zombies in style. Customize your character’s look by choosing the clothes, face and the hair color you like.

Dead Rivals Gameplay

The game play is pretty easy and you just have to hold the attack button and it will kill zombies to proceed. You can also rotate your view to know your surroundings better by swiping left and right on the screen. You can control your scheme in the options menu and choose whether you want to play in the distant camera view, or the close camera one. Do as you please, as long as you don’t get your brains eaten by the zombies.

 The quest is complete when you encounter the big spewer after killing all the zombies. Once you kill it, you unlock the warehouse to provide as a safe habitat against the zombies. At the end of every level, you unlock new levels and claim rewards to upgrade and to get more facilities. Confiscate the weapons from your rivals after killing them or you can unlock new ammunition by collecting goods as you proceed to higher levels, along with new armor.

Dead Rivals Camera View

The game has only been soft-launched on the Philippines App Store and you all may have to wait more to get on this adventure ride. But we can tell that only by looking at the trailer that the graphics are beautiful and polished and only adds to the thrill the game offers. The game is free to play however you may have to pay for the in-game purchases such as new costumes, or ammunition.

Since the game is an MMO, a lot of players share the universe, interaction & team work is the key element for survival. But what caught us by surprise is that if you are not into MMO, you can choose the PvP battles mode to crush other players, as well. How cool is that?

Dead Rivals Quests

However, the game is not a cake walk and you’re going to need to plan strategically to save people from the apocalypse. To master the game, all you need to do is to use the right tactic at the right time. The game also has an in-built screenshot option so you can flaunt your skills in front of your peers too by taking snaps between your gameplay. Grab the game on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes as soon as it is out so you can go on an adventure ride right away!

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