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Join hands with your band of heroes, and face the incoming dead enemy together. Can you keep the ghastly zombie hordes at bay? Gear up for the ultimate zombie action RPG Dead Island: Survivors.

All thanks to Deep Silver, Dead Island has been brought back to life as a tower defense game, and the game is now out on all Android, and iOS devices. Dead Island: Survivors sees players constructing traps and turrets to mow down the waves of undead.

The game is based on the best seller Dead Island series that sold over 15 million units on PC and console. The original was a solid co-op game famous for its open-world first-person gameplay, however, in this game, players will build up their base by setting up defenses and traps to kill any incoming zombies.

Dead Island: Survivors Gameplay, Walkthrough & Review

Dead Island: Survivors aims at providing gamers with the ultimate zombie action RPG experience. The gameplay is a blend of action packed melee combat, and traps lying where you collect heroes, and face the zombies. Here, players must defend their island from hordes of zombies using sentry guns, bombs, traps, and more.

You can easily get hang of the game controls. All you have to do is tap on the screen to walk to the desired point, and touch the zombies to attack the base. Use your special attack powers, and keep attacking the zombies with your special combos unless you wipe them out completely.

Collect legendary heroes

What’s a good action game without some hero collection, right? The game features iconic heroes for you to collect. Face the zombies with your legendary heroes, and ingenious weapons. Players will handle a 3D character and they will move it around the big map as they are in charge of defeating the zombies.

Build traps, and barricades

Another element of the game is setting up a good defense to avoid the zombies. In different game missions that you have to conquer, you will resist a series of waves.

To begin with, the game lets players set up as many traps as they can, and gives them complete liberty while doing so. Create your safe haven in the zombie filled world by building your own base. Set up solid barricades and different traps to stop the dead army from getting to you.

Fend off the hordes of dead army and knock them all dead using the spectacular combos, and unique special moves. Use your big hammer to mash them up, or use the grenades to speed things, and get rid of all of them quickly.

Don’t forget to put your money on those weapons. Before each mission, you will have a series of resources and money to get yourself prepared for them. Face waves of enemies, and put an end to them by executing a powerful final attack to crush them all.

Survive together with your friends

The band of brothers can conquer the zombie infested land together as well. Team up with your friends, and other allies to fight the zombies together for a co-operative multiplayer experience. Watch each other’s backs, and do everything possible to survive ghastly zombies.

All in all, Dead Island: Survivors gets most of the things right. The game controls are straight forward, the maps are easy to identify, and the weapons are easy to use.

If you are looking for a free-to-play zombie themed tower defense game that features lots of base building and action RPG gameplay, then Dead Island: Survivors covers all you need just fine. The game is now available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now so grab it right away. Enjoy!

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