Want to play darts? Then join global players and compete to prove that you are the dart game master. Darts of Fury is a thrilling board game that lets you practice your dart skills, letting you play many fierce leagues and be creative with your darts.

Yakuto is one of the famous game developers bringing forward quite an exciting and captivating games in the past; however, with the recent release Darts of Fury they have leveled up the bar. The comprehensive mechanism of the game and creativity that it brings formulates a top-notch gameplay for players to divulge in.

Darts of Fury has a picture perfect GAMEPLAY. Play it in multiplayer mode and avail the best of the dart game experience and compete with the player all around the world. Also, take an aim and swipe the dart in the direction of the target and see if it hits the aimed point perfectly. Different points at the dartboard exhibit different points so be clever and hit the area with higher scores.

Opt for checkout during the match and win the game altogether. ShotBot helps you in pointing the best checkout point that you require; hit it right or go bust. Furthermore, you will notice a tower made of various blocks on the bottom of the screen. You need to keep scoring high in order to break as many blocks as possible. The one to break all the blocks first wins the competition.

In case you go bust, the blocks broken on your last hit would add up again to the tower. Interestingly, in case you get busted, hit rewind for few diamonds and play again and yearn to hit the right point this time.

The game is crammed with various LEAGUES for you to explore. Start off with  the Sparrow league and strive to complete it to step ahead into next league. Each league is composed of many levels withholding great rewards for you.

As you proceed further, the level of difficulty increases in each League, eventually, making the game harder than it initially seems. Although, the main focus remains the same but added difficulty is what makes this game most comprehensive dart game.

Darts of Fury gameplay

REMEMBER! Leveling up is more than just moving forward in Darts of Fury. You can unlock many darts for you and customize according to your taste. Experiment by selecting the designs and colors for your dart and flaunt your own personality through them.

The GEAR options are just smashing! Unlock many darts and buy them to utilize in your match. Moreover, get premium darts against quite a high number of diamonds and unlock many dart shapes for you as you move along. You can choose various flights for your dart and represent a country of your choice.

In addition, there is an Achievement Board in the profile section of the game. The board shows the accomplishments that you may have fulfilled or the ones which you are still in need to work on.

The darts are comprised of Speed, Stability and Slimness. Faster darts land straight on the board and don’t block your next dart. Stable darts are less effected by the air and fly smoothly while Slim barrels allow you to group your darts close together on the board. So try to score the perfect score of 180 have fly high in the sky!

Darts of Fury gears

Talking about the simple CONTROLS! The tutorial on how to play the game and the use of controls is initially taught and it is just effortless. All you need to do is take the aim and swipe to throw the dart on the board. That’s it! No hard or technical controls to learn.

The GRAPHICS are substantially attractive enough to keep you indulged in the game. They are colorful, interesting and fall perfectly into the 21st century dart game environment.

So, without a doubt, the game offers a perfect dart game mechanism to the players. Anyone who is a dart game fan must download Darts of Fury and witness the bliss himself. Visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and install dart fun directly to your life.

Happy Darting!

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