Darts of Fury is out now

A new dart game by Yakuto, Darts of Fury is Out NOW for Android & iOS. It brings forth one of the best dart game experiences to your doorstep, for newcomers and professional gamers alike. What sets this game apart from other dart games is the availability of MMO in it. You can compete with players all around the world and improve your stats.

So, take aim and swipe to throw the dart assessing and judging the perfect spot on the board and win many tournaments and competitions with other players. Additionally, the game exhibits interactive dartboards that highlights the target and gives you substantial aid for aiming the perfect throw.

Your dart can be the bearer of your personality. With 80 darts and hundreds of shafts and barrels you can be creative to customize your dart the way you desire. Exciting, eh?

Acting as a guiding star, the training mode lets you practice the controls and accuracy under pressure so that once you come face to face with your opponent, you score highest points and checkout the game before you go bust. Exhilarating!

Know more about the game in our Detailed review on Dart of Fury and have fun playing the game on your devices by downloading it from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes for free.


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