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A horde of ferocious demons is ready to crawl into your land, the journey ahead is exhausting, but can you outshine the enemies, and destroy the evil before it destroys the world? The dark forces are on the rise, and it’s up to you to conquer the darkness before it consumes you. NEXON Company brings you the greatest RPG Darkness Rises!

After creating waves in the Korean gaming market, Darkness Rises is all set to launch worldwide. With its global release, gamers all around the world would be able to participate in the journey to vanquish darkness from the world.

Darkness Rises is the third installment in NEXON’s famous series; Dark Avengers. Due to the success of its predecessors, it’s safe to assume that gamers from all over the world can’t wait to get their hands on this RPG, so while we await the official launch, let us tell you what’s in store for you this time around.

Darkness Rises Gameplay, Review, and Walkthrough

Darkness Rises is an ARPG from NEXON where the players take on waves of monsters in different dungeons in the intense action battles. Engage yourself in some challenging boss battles that will be the ultimate test of your skills, and abilities.

As you venture deeper into the game, you will be able to take on the monsters in dungeons, duo dungeons, and epic PVP battles as well. The groundbreaking gameplay of Darkness Rises will never let you have a dull moment in this RPG experience like no other.

Character Classes

The character system includes three main classes of heroes such as Kenneth (Warrior) who performs dynamic and dazzling attacks with a longsword, and wields a variety of skills, Hector (Berserker) who pummels the opponents with his axe, and Bella (Wizard) a powerful mage who uses enchanted staff to cast spells, and lastly Assassin. Each character has a unique role in the battles, and possesses a different skill.

Get hang of the game by starting off the battles in skirmish mode where you can practice your skills against random opponents without anything on stake, or any rewards on the line.

The game controls are quite easy to grasp; simply use the virtual joystick to move around in the game, and use the skills that are at your disposal to fight the monsters. Make different combos to destroy the enemy, by simply holding the attack button on the right side of the screen.

Conquer menacing dungeons!

Explore the menacing dungeons, in the duo dungeons, and test your skills. Besides the game’s single player mode, it also features co-op battles where you can team up with other players and take on the enemies in the duo dungeon mode where you are rewarded for accomplishing objectives together.

However, if you are looking for rather intense battles, you can try out the Raids mode where you team up with 3 others players, forming a team of four, and fight against massive boss monsters.

Dominate the PVP ranks!

Fierce action RPG battles are incomplete without the PVP mode of the game. While the ranked matches are played against Al, but you can enjoy some real time PVP battles in the Duel PVP mode of the game. Or just pit your team up in the multiplayer team PVP mode.

Allies and Guildmates

Besides the usual boss hunting, and PVP arena, Darkness Rises has a unique guild system as well where you can join forces with others to achieve the victory more easily. Every time you complete a chapter, you unlock reward cards that help you level up in the game.

Awe-Inspiring game graphics!

As for the graphics, the game definitely looks more appealing than most RPG games. The stunning game graphics and visuals are engaging and immerse you into the world of darkness.

With key features like the character customization, user controlled bosses, the charming combat system, and weapons; the game is definitely worth a shot. So, if you want to take up the challenge of wiping out the daunting bosses, head over to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now to download the game.

Moreover, if you are looking for more games where you would be able to fight the dark forces, check out titles such as Legend of Brave, and Heir of Light. Cheers!

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