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The exciting adventure displayed in a new Simulation Game Craft Warriors by Translimit, inc is just out of the world. The gameplay features invested in this game are extremely fun and thrilling; you must build a town where you have to perform many astounding asks to move ahead.

That’s not all, you need to do is fight your opponent and unlock many more adventures for you in the game. The game holds unlimited supply of fun so let’s have a look at this game closely and see what else it is offering to us.

Craft Warriors – Gameplay & Walkthrough

The game is perfect for you if you want to rejuvenate your gaming journey. There are number of tasks that you must accomplish in the game; however, the main job is to restore the city of Skyland. Build the city and construct many building in it, upgrade them and keep earning gold from them.

Also, you must go in to battle and fight the online players to move ahead in the game. Loot the resources from the opponent base and have fun upgrading your characters and buildings.

Select your Team

Well the game takes off with giving you an option to choose your army. There are plenty of options to choose from so analyze each one and make a decision. The process is quite fun so you will surely enjoy.

The Ultimate Goal

The main task in Craft Warriors is to restore the city of Skyland by restoring the building that has now become ruin.   Just tap on the ruins and with the help of earned gold upgrade them and bring these buildings in a working form. Some of these building produce the gold and other important items for you to collect. So, definitely the game is much more fun then it seems.

Also, keep on upgrading these building to produce more products like, gold. Also, in the craft room you can craft you very own flag and give it the color of your choice.

The Fun Battles

There are many battles that you can be part of in the game. However, the fun part is that you will choose your own opponent. Fighting each opponent carry diverse rewards so see what kind of reward you are interested in and then embark on the fighting journey.

Not to mention, the battles in the game are quite interesting and simple. All you need to do is deploy your characters one by one and let them fight for you. The y will attack the opponent’s city and this is how you can loot the resources and ruins from your foe.

Unlock Characters, upgrade and Level Up

As you move ahead in Craft Warriors you will be able to unlock many more characters to explore and use in the game. The abilities that these characters possess will come in handy for you on eth battleground. Also, upgrade the weapons of your characters and make their attacks more intense and powerful.

In addition, you can upgrade the units and artilleries and change the look of your characters with jus a click.

Change Craft

Apart from upgrading you can also change the craft of your game and can choose from the available options given in Craft Warriors. However, keep on winning and level up your game to unlock many exciting crafts and use them to be the part of extreme fun.

The Graphics

The cute characters and colorful environment infused in the game is just out of the world. Although the overall look is not so realistic but the overall impact that this game portrays is just marvelous. The visuals are smooth, sleek and exciting to look at. Well done!

The controls

Well, the controls of the game are quite easy and simple to learn. Not must complexity is given to this part of the game. The controls are pretty much all about occasional tapping and the fights that the characters embark also don’t require much effort.

How to Download

Without wasting any more time go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get a chance to play Craft Warriors on your devices.

Have a blast!

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