Are you a FPS fan and still haven’t found a right game for you? Stop struggling now as Combat Squad (Online FPS) is an answer to all your worries. It is a A-33 Studio release providing you a topnotch mobile shootout experience like never before.

The game lets you live in the world you have always longed for. Just form a killing squad of five agents and take them on a mission to kill and destroy dangerous terrorists. That’s not all, you need to be quite brainy too. The responsibility of planning powerful strategies and tactics is also on you and triumph the fight.

Feeling the excitement already, isn’t it? Giving the game more thrills and chills the team also has Project Wednesday; a fast paced tactical First Person Shooter with Advance AI that takes the best action to execute your command.

The team is also quite cool, initially, composed of members like; Enzo, Micael, Pauline, Leo and Pierre.

Combat Squad agents

Here’s the best part; all the team members have different level of AI Ability, so that you choose your squad and leader for each match accordingly. Shooting Ability, Reaction Time, Tactical knowledge and movements are included among these exotic talents.

The most intriguing factor about the game is its FPS gaming availability. Mostly mobile shooting game have interesting gameplay but they lack FPS in it. However, Combat Squad provides just that to every, making the experience more inviting.

Additionally, who doesn’t love the games with interesting gaming modes. Consequently, Combat Squad offers three basic playing modes, such as; Practice, Shadow League and Multiplayer.

Combat Squad gameplay

All of which have proved to be quite stirring and impressive to me. The Practice mode and shadow league is played in PvE mode and is filled with quite striking views and scenes.

In addition, the Practice mode is composed of tutorial and several elimination missions for the better practice and lets you master the skills and controls. On the other hand, the Shadow League is full of various rounds and provokes the real adventure in you.

However, the Multiple gaming modes have about seven further modes in it. This mode can, interestingly, be played in 1 on 1 battle or between 5 or 10 players. The 1 Vs 1 battle has three further modes; Team Deathmatch, Demolition and elimination mission.

5 Vs 5 also has three modes; Team Deathmatch, Demolition and Annihilation mission. Whatsoever, the 10 players match only has one mode – Zombie match. All in all, no mater which mode you play, they all serve only one purpose – find the enemy and kill them.

Combat Squad game modes

Making Combat Squad more alluring, the developers have added Perk Skills in it. Attributes like; Survival skills, Mastery Skills and Elite Skills make the battle more fierce and ferocious.

The game is, considerably, jam-packed with multiple powerful and effective weapons and armors that can be achieved or also bought from the shop or black market for real money. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the controls of the game. They are very simple and a tutorial about is also provided.

Combat Squad weapons

Combat Squad is an enticing game filled with great FPS features. It is quite an attention-grabbing game generating an outstanding shooting experience. In addition, the game is beautifully composed and has used one of the best graphics amongst the already available FPS mobile games.

Combat Squad is definitely a suggestion for the people attracted to shooting games and is available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes for free. You can surely download it and experience a never-ending fun flight.

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