City Skater Championship

City Skater is all about ruling the skate park by winning the 1st place in the championship; Skateboard Pro. So gear up, practice some maneuvers, show them your mad skating skills and prove it to them you are the real boss in the city.

City Skater is a fun Role Playing game by the developers Coco Play by TabTale. The game will take you on a fun ride of becoming the number 1 in your game by flipping, sliding and jumping over the obstacles as you are on your way to beat others and become the Skating queen.

City Skater Championship

The story of the game revolves around Max and his arrogance as the best skater of the town, so the real challenge for your character is to prove Max wrong and showing your maneuvers in the championship to win the prize. Download the game using Google Play Store on your Android devices.

As you begin playing the game after downloading it, you are greeted by the story-line where Max challenges you and you plan to prove him wrong all the while bringing out your style. The first thing you have got to do before the big day is to choose the perfect outfit and shoes, hat complimenting it. There’s a lot to choose from, and deciding the outfit might be a fun as well as an overwhelming task.

City Staker wardrobe

Once you have selected the perfect outfit for the day, you will be asked to design your run. Decide which maneuvers you want to perform at what stage that you are perfectly comfortable with because you are in it to win it. Design your run and the maneuvers that you want to perform all along the path. Choose some of the super cool tricks such as kick flips, 180 flips to impress the jury and leave a mark.

You can also get your character a new great look, as looking like a diva at a championship doesn’t hurt anybody, right? All possible style options for the eyes, lashes, lips appear on the right side of your screen. You can choose any by trying all the looks and once you find the perfect look to go with your outfit, you can move ahead to the next step before you step in.

City Skater Look

You can also choose the skateboard you want to use ahead of the championship and also the field the championship is going to take place. As you learn new skills, your stars will go higher, making you stand better in the ranks.

Go to the gym and practice some of the moves. You will get an option to choose the difficulty level. It varies from Low, Medium and High. The game also requires a medical checkup ahead of the championship to see if you would physically be able to perform all that without torturing your body.

Participate in the competition on the big day and prove Max wrong by showing all those skills. The jury will score your performance. As the jury gives you points individually out of 100, you will climb higher in the ranks. After each championship, your fans number and your coins will increase and you will move upward in the ranking.

City Skater stunts

In a nut shell, City Skater is a fun game that will help you relax a bit. So challenge your power and bring out the champion in you with City Skater.


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