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Hello Heroes! Are you ready for an action-packed thrilling journey that is sanctioned in a new action Game by nWay Inc. in ChronoBlade. The game serves a power experience to all those who like to play Action Games that withhold a twist in them. Based on multiplayer synchronous PvP combat system, the game features great depths when it comes to its gameplay. It provides one of a kind battle system that inculcates side-scrolling RPG venture with a touch of explosive arcade-style combats. How inventive!

Moreover, other features invested in the game are just cherry on top. You will find yourself glued to your devices once you start playing the game. So, how about we give you a complete walk-through of the game? To help you understand it with more depth.

ChronoBlade – Gameplay & Walkthrough

Primarily, the game is all about killing your enemy with the help of the abilities sand skills that your characters withhold. There are various skills that each of your character possesses which you need to make use of in the battleground. Not only that, but there are various special attacks available on the battleground that will help you in killing the enemy with more intensity.

What is interesting is that ChronoBlade is based on the arcade-style combats where you need to controls your character and fight the enemy. You are the guardian of the doomed world so the fate of your world is in your hands.

Moreover, the arcade style combats make ChronoBlade quite unique, all you need to do is keep on killing the ugly and intimidating enemy and unlock the portal that is blocking your way. Once all the enemies and portal is unlocked, you can move ahead to the end of the zone to finally come face to face with the boss enemy. Kill it and of course you will be headed towards the next level and will surely be also leveling up the game for yourself.

The Plot

The army of chronarch imperium is viciously trying to take over the world. They have previously put many worlds to perish but being the Guardian of the doomed world it is your responsibility to sway the enemy away and kill them all before they take over your realm.

Various Modes and their Levels

There are various modes that the game withholds in it. Adventure, Limited Dungeons and Arena are the three main modes that you need to unlock and explore. The first mode that you go on is the Adventure mode; it is filled with many levels that you must undergo to move ahead in the game to finally be able to unlock other modes.

The dungeon mode possesses many special dungeon that you will make your journey quite exiting while the Arena mode would definitely let you play in the multiplayer mode where you can fight face to face with the other online players and can have fun while exploring something new in ChronoBlade.

The Exciting Missions & Quests with fruitful Rewards

As mentioned, each mode is filled with many staged or levels and each one of these levels is crammed with many missions and quests that you must complete. There are multiple tasks that you must complete in each level or modes to not only earn the money but many other items that will prove to be a great source of joy later in the game.

Each level completion will bring new rewards for you along with each task that you accomplish will unlock many characters for you along with maximizing your energy level that is required to play the game. Win many new characters along with items needed for upgrading your character and don’t forget there are certain items that will be helpful in equipping your character with more power for the strategic upgrade.

In addition, there are special rewards that you receive like; Campaign Rewards, Daily Quests Rewards, Daily Login rewards and finally the achievements Rewards for completing various quests. Not to mention, your achievements will also be compared to the worldwide players, so be at the top of your game and most importantly have fun.

The Four Exciting Characters

Aurok, Lophi, Lucas and Thera are the four astonishing characters available in ChronoBlade to be explored. It is up to you to select any of your favorite character to play any zone and make sure to explore and use their main and special attacks.

Of course each character withholds specific abilities and skills that you will practice in the first few levels of the Adventure mode. Moreover, each of these four characters have a specific weapons that they hold; be it a shaft or just punches, make sure to defeat the enemy at any cost.

Luckily, you can mix and match the passive and combat skills together to form and new attack using the two classes that are available for each character with about 3 abilities present.

Mana Attack

Apart from the man attack there are few attacks that come appear on hitting the enemy for several time. Strike the enemy 10 hits and attack the enemy with the man attack that will have more impact and is a lot more severe than the normal attack.

The Controls

The game controls are just too good to be true. There is a virtual joystick control infused in the game to controls the movements of the character; however, the attacks withhold separate buttons for them. all the active and passive skills possess designated button in ChronoBlade along with a button for shield and also for jump.

The Amazing Graphics

The very rich and smooth graphics of the game are extremely satisfying. The visual effects of the fights and the details provided to the character and the surrounding environment is just out often world. The developers made sure the visually the gamers find it extremely comforting and don’t get confused about the attacks. Without a doubt, the game is a sheer sense of relief!

So, what’s the wait? Download ChronoBlade for absolutely free from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and remember to have fun while you search for more of your favorite Games on Our Site.

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