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Flippy Knife is a super cool game designed by Beresnev Games. This game has a very simple yet a very interesting Game Play which is sure to get you hooked to itself for a longer period of time.

Flippy Knife has a very simple game play which involves flipping the knife in the right position. You must have heard about the flipping bottle game where you have to flip the bottle in such a way that it is placed in the right position when it falls. Well, replace the bottle with the knife in this case. You have to flip the knife and then drop it in the position so it doesn’t get dropped in the opposite direction.

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Flippy Knife has different gaming modes which means you will be going through various destinations so you won’t get bored by playing at a single place. The different destinations include tree tops, stump on the meadow, camping, forest hut. The colorful graphics makes it a lot more fun to play in.

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Not only that you can actually unlock various blades which can be used in the game like swords, axes, sabers and knives etc. You can collect more than 35  blades in this game and use them anywhere after you have them. Then you can choose any one of the collected blades from your collection and keep playing with it for a more fun experience. Another thing is you will also be getting a lot of points which will help you obtain the highest score. You can share your highest score with others or you can compete with your friends to prove them who is the winner of this game by earning a good high score.

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Flippy Knife does not require a lot of your energy. You can play the whole game with the help of your thumb which will control the movement of the knife or any other blade. The game has a very interesting Game Play and the beautiful graphics make it more fun to play with. You can also get to earn a lot of various badges during the levels which will be provided to you based on your various performances. You will have various unlocked achievements depending on how nicely you play your game.

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Flippy Knife is a physics based knife simulator game which involves your brain in it. Apart from flipping the knife there will be a lot of other movement for collecting various treasures by jumping on the shelves. You can also catch drones by climbing on the trees. Once you have reached the target you will get to open the target, you will be able to unlock the golden chest.

This is super fun game which can be played by anyone from any age group. Flippy Knife can be downloaded for free of cost. Flippy Knife is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store respectively. So what are you waiting for? Go and download this game right away and get indulged in the land of flipping knives.


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