Business Time Just Got an Exciting Update on ANDROID

It’s time to earn some money and apply your hidden business skills to become a successful business mogul! You might have thought about starting your own business at-least once in your lifetime, right? Well, Rovio Entertainment Ltd. have worked just on that with Business Time. It is all about creating a new business and taking it to the new heights.

Now, the good part is that Business Time Just Got an Exciting Update for the Android devices where tons of new features have been incorporated! Let me just take you through a journey of what has been added. These features have been added to give your game a little more boost. More business levels, new and improved graphics, Tower of Fortune and Supercharged customer doubler, Perk card changes and much more has been added which is sure to provide a great experience.

Business Time 3

Moreover, you can get this amazing game from the Google Play Store and start playing on your Android devices right now! You can also read our Detailed review in case you want to know more about it. Happy Gaming!

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