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Brace yourself for the ultimate boxing experience with the twist of gun-fires and intimidating skills. That’s right! After the long wait of five years, Black Pearl Games is yet again bringing one of the most exciting and thrilling games for you to discover.

They recently released the sequel to Brutal Street and they have surely touched cloud 9 this time. In need to come up with something better and well crafted, the game is invested with many improved and enhanced features in Brutal Street 2.

Brutal Street 2 creates an enthralling gameplay by inculcating fast paced fights in which you use your boxing skills along with creating a skillful team. The game kicks off by directing talking you into the fighting arena where you learn about your enemy and also about friends.

Fighting the enemy in the pit and cracking them down is your main focus. Use the powerful punching technique and strong boxing skills of the Boxer and tear down the enemy in seconds. As you keep on winning and go further in the game the gameplay starts to get more intense. The enemy becomes a lot more stronger and the number of opponent also increases in arena.

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Initially, you only have one member in your gang. However the number will keep on increasing as you move ahead in the game. The cheerleader is one member that you will have from the start. Enemy is brutal and fearless so in order to sustain strongly in the game you need to be able to, firstly, uphold more damage and, secondly, need to heal time and again.

The purpose of Cheerleader is not to fight alongside you; however, she is not useless. Her, sole responsibility is to increase your HP whilst you are busy fighting the enemy. Losing energy? Afraid you’ll soon die? No worries, Cheerleader is there to charge you up.

Give your gaming experience an exciting punch by enhancing and evolving the character. All the characters are upgradeable. So, choose a specific skill of any character, use gathered resources from the arena, put specific skill on repair and there you go, the character skill is upgraded.

Not to mention, all the characters can avail and learn many more new and thrilling skills which are added to their skill tab. Not only you can upgrade all these skills but can also use them multiple times in the fighting arena; however, once the skill is used you need to wait a few seconds for it to be charged enough to deploy again.

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The game gives you many reasons to grin! Keep on acquiring more and more skills in Brutal Street 2 to reach to a point where you get to unlock a new and quite powerful talent points and get a chance to rank up your character. Find and earn multiple useful items in the game by destroying various objects implanted on the floor.

Remember! Winning all the stages is quite imperative. Victory would lead you to unlock many important opportunities in the game. At start, Status tab is unlocked where you can learn all about the characters. In intensify tab you can enhance and evolve whilst in Talent you can explore the talents of your character. However, Fame is unlocked when you are popular enough to fall under famous gangsters.

Not to mention, earn cash and diamonds to unlock many skills of your character and use it to buy necessary items from the black-market. Moreover, earning substantial diamonds would help you open super case which is filled with many exciting items or money.

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Moving on to the controls! The game possesses fairly satisfying controls. Drag the character towards the enemy and let the character do the fighting on your behalf. However, the special skills attributed to your character are in your hands to implement. Tap on the skill tab and that’s it! Nevertheless, it would be even better if the gamers could do the fighting on their own.

Not to forget, I’m not impressed with the graphics. Although, they are not the worst but could be more refined to enhance the gaming experience. Additionally, the visual effects forged in fights are also not attractive. So, graphics of the game, definitely, needs to be worked upon.

Despite these issues, Brutal Street 2 is attractive enough to be played so go to the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to download the game for free and remember to punch down the enemy.

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