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Are you ready for some Boonk Gang experience? I’m sure you are. Tastypill has brought you a game with tremendous gameplay. It is simple, straightforward and fun. The game is new but is attracting a lot of audience. It is expected to offer comprehensive boonking skills so it is a must try game.

Tastypill has developed many games in the past like Spinny Fidget, Twisty Wheel and 99 Arrows. All of these are simple yet quite a fun games to play. So, the current game is also developed on the same basis, to provide you with a gameplay that is simple yet entertaining.

Talking about the gameplay – it is effortless to learn and grasp. All you need to do is, put your boonking skills to use and steal money from the onlookers and passerby. Stealing the money is your ultimate goal to achieve; however, it’s not that easy. While you are busy performing your target goal, you also need to keep one more thing in mind – save yourself from the cops.

Boonk Gang gameplay

As the game starts, you will notice there is a pile of money placed in the midst of the ground. You need to direct your character towards it and as soon as you collect the money, the real fun begins. The Man with his crew comes along and leaves some money for you to collect. Nevertheless, if you go near him or his crew you can get caught and would have to start the game from the start.

Giving Boonk Gang an extra little punch, the passerby and cops keeps on increasing as the game moves ahead. The extending crowd makes it harder to grab money without being caught. Don’t forget, you are not only supposed to avoid the cops but you also need to prevent yourself from being touched or caught by onlookers. Discretion is the key!

Boonk Gang gameover

To provide a positive boost in the game, there are some passerby who have few gifts for you. They either give you power-ups or offer you some money to add in your bank. The power-ups either speed up the character or pauses everyone else so that it becomes less damaging to collect money.

Befitting enough to mention, when you have enough money you can unlock more characters for you to invest in the game. You can buy new characters, making room for many more to unlock and explore.

The controls in Boonk Gang are quite easy and simple. All you need to do is direct the character left or right by tapping on the left or the right side of the screen to move your character.

Boonk Gang character

However, the controls are not as smooth as expected. The auto generated movements of the character makes it, nearly, impossible to reach the target whilst saving yourself from being caught. The portrait view of the game makes it even worse as it does not offer enough room for the character to move around. consequently, you lose interest quite early in the game. So, the developers need to improve and improvise many features in it.

In a nutshell, Boonk Gang has, surely, provided some nifty features; all you need is to steal the money and prevent from being arrested whist enjoying natty power-ups. So, to enjoy the firsthand experience, go to the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and witness Whole Lotta… Boonk Gang fun!

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