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Tick-tock, tick tock! The clock is ticking, you don’t have much time. Can you find the bomb and discard it? Are you ready for fun, yet insane puzzles? Today we bring you the latest puzzler we got our hands on called BOMBARIKA by none other than Street Lamp Games.

Experience some fun, crazy puzzles, and enjoy the world of BOMBARIKA where you don’t have to go through the ordeal of endless gaming, rather you can ultimate win the game as well. Here, in this review we give you a descriptive analysis of all this game has in store for you, and whether we would recommend it any day or not so without any further ado, let’s dive in.

BOMBARIKA Gameplay, Walkthrough & Review

BOMBARIKA is a puzzle game that uses well designed physics based indoor environment to help you take out the bombs. Here, you will experience the fun of saving houses from the blasts. All you have to do is prevent the randomly placed bombs from detonating inside your house. Here’s the surprise entry though; you have a limited period of time to do so.

Well crafted puzzles on the go!

You will be locked up in a house with a number of bombs that can blast any moment in your face. What you have to do is spot the bombs, and push them out of the house using living room objects. You don’t have to diffuse the bombs; you just have to make sure they don’t blast inside your room.

To push the bombs out of the house, all you have is electronic devices, sofas, door mats and other living room objects that come to life to help you save the house from destruction. Each object you find has unique characteristics like pushing, blocking etc but will come to aid anytime.

However, the real challenge in the game is not to get the objects to push the bombs out, rather it’s finding the exit in the little time you have. There are many approaches to solve each puzzle, but the developers give the liberty to choose this to the gamers.

Each level is filled with fun puzzles, and interactive household objects to help you clear the challenging levels. The changing dynamics between bombs, objects, and grenades make the well crafted levels even more fun. Furthermore, if you are ever stuck on a level, fret not, as the game gives you hints to clear up the level, and finish the game.

Power ups, bonuses, and Rewards!

As you detonate a bomb, and complete a level, you will find numerous rewards. Unlock power ups to help you advance in the game faster, and enjoy bigger levels as well.

Besides pushing the bomb out, the game is also about timing. Timing is crucial in the game as when you move a piece of furniture to block the bomb, it reverts back to its original position after a few seconds. So, you have to make sure you are tapping at the right time to take the bomb out.

Experience points!                  

So, what’s in it for you? Completing each challenging level will get you a great amount of experience points, and you will be able to advance in the game smoothly. As you proceed to the higher levels, things get tougher by up a notch. From multiple bombs in a single level, to hidden rooms, duplex houses, the game has many surprises for you; after all conquering the game is not very easy.

The game concept is pretty unique, hence making the making addictive and enjoyable to the core. To add to the appeal, we have minimal design and nice visuals in every level. The layout of each level has a unique touch to it, helping the game not feel like a grind you don’t want.

The minimal levels will not only calm you down, but successfully disposing the bomb will bring you joy as well. So, enjoy the smooth gameplay, well-crafted objects, and stunning geometric structures by downloading the game. Head over to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now, and get started. Happy gaming!


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