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Enough bloodshed, time to hop up on a tractor, and step up your farming skills with the latest casual farm adventure Blocky Farm! After the success of Stardew Valley, we were pretty sure we’d be seeing a crazy amount of farm management games, and here we are!

This casual country side adventure by Jet Toast might be able to satisfy your urge for cute animals, and farms as running a farm appears to be a dream of many, as long as you don’t actually have to spend hours in the sun. The game is more of a sim game, rather than a clicker because you are in charge of managing it all at the farms.

The latest in Jet Toast’s casual gaming is this game right here, that doesn’t offer much new from the well known format, but it doesn’t fail at compelling you either. The game will surely appeal those who love farm sim games such as Farm On! and Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, and are keen for more.

But what’s different here? We can’t really say for sure without going hands-on so, let’s walk you through the game, from what we have gathered so far.

Blocky Farm Gameplay, Walkthrough and Review:

Blocky Farm is a super charming farm management game that has you building and customizing your own farms, taking care of the cute pets, and completing various missions.

Although the game will certainly be too simple for an average hardcore gamer to enjoy, but it’s fun enough to be played in short periods. At first, the game might feel a little overwhelming because there’s so much you can do.

Your aim is to complete missions, build your own farms, become friends with your neighbors, and pass the time. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Even when you don’t feel like doing anything in the game, you can just hop on your tractor and rampage around the fields.

As for what’s new in the game, there’s enough to keep you hooked. Blocky Farm goes beyond just driving the tractor, and usual planting and reaping. The game lets you use all kinds of cool animal gadgets, complete hundreds of quests, and discover new gadgets.

Manage your farm!

As the game takes you to your grandparents’ idyllic farm that hasn’t been used in ages, you will start off by cleaning up, and repairing your family home. It will allow you to manage your farm, achievements, collected cards and much more.

While you are repairing your home, repair the silo as well as it stores your crops, and lastly, repair the barn to store the rest of your products and tools. Build your fields to become a real farmer, and grow crops. Sow wheat but remember to plow the field first.

Love your animals!

The game features cute animals that you can pet, and feed. Produce animal feed, and get several chickens to take care of. But before that, don’t forget to build a Henhouse to keep the chickens.

Choose chickens from the shop, and drop them to their new home once the Henhouse is ready. Feed your chickens at all times to get products in return. Furthermore, you can also speed up the production and collect hearts.

Harvest crops!

Build a windmill, sow crops, and expand your farm. To make your farm more efficient, you can also buy more fields from the Shop. So, keep farming, fill delivery trucks, and earn money.

Compete with other farmers!

As you complete a quest, you get stars, and coins in the form of rewards. Selling your goods will also earn you rewards so deliver the goods through the trucks, complete orders, and earn money. Get rid of the obstacles that are in your farm, gather more space, and make your farm prettier by putting decorations.

Offline mode available!

What you would be really happy about is the fact that the game can be played in both the online and offline modes. In both the modes, there is a ton of content waiting for you. Blocky Farm stands out for its charming visuals and character design as well. The game’s visuals are pretty charming as well, and compel you to keep playing.

Although a number of things work fine for the title, but the game suffers a bit from being too similar to the other casual farming games. All in one, it’s a good game when looked as a standalone title, but do not compare, but you will rarely find something different.

But the game is oddly addicting, so if you have never played casual farming games, take out some time, jump in and savor the village life. To download the game, head over to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. Enjoy!

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