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Who doesn’t love playing Role Playing Games? They are crammed with great many features, adventures and a gameplay that makes your gaming journey a thrilling one. PopPace Inc. recently released a great RPG game Blade & Wings, which is filled with action, adventure, exploration and excitement.

I had a blast while I was playing the game and which each passing day I was able to discover many new things. The overall gameplay is stupendous, the graphics are top-notch and the controls are super sleek. In my opinion, this might just be one of the best ARPG games that I have played so far.

Blade & Wings – Gameplay & Walkthrough

The gameplay of Blade & Wings is superbly created. There are many minute details that have been taken care of the game to provide a great Action RPG environment based on the MMO open world to everyone.

The battles are simple where you must combat with monsters and kill it using the exciting skills and ability that your character possesses. Moreover, there are number of tasks that you must accomplish to earn great many rewards n the game.

Fill up your bag pack with many useful items and also unlock pets for you who will assist you in the game. Also, explore the many beautifully crafted chapters in the game and complete the tasks that each of them carries.

There are many things to discover in the game and to be honest you will have fun while digging out the gameplay features that this game holds in it.

The Character Selection

The process of character selection in Blade & Wings is quite simple and easy. The game starts with providing you with three options on the type of character that you want to play with. Mad Warrior, Mechanic Genius and Shadow Killer are the three options that you have.

 All three characters possess variant attack weapon and other passive skills so you must explore each of them and read what their abilities and then make a decision.

Various Chapters, Missions & Tasks

Well, there are number of things that you must do in the game to move ahead. There are many mission and tasks that you are assigned in each chapter of the game which you must fulfill in order to move to the next chapter.

There are number of chapters available in the game that you need to explore; each one having a new and beautifully crafted location with new missions in them. You will have t meet certain characters in the game who will give you hints and will act as a guideline.

Intense Battle Mechanism

As Blade & Wings is an Action RPG so there are number of battles and combats that you must go through to win various rewards and move forward in the game. The battles in the game are of about ten minutes where you must fight with monsters and kill it.

There are many skills that your character possesses; use these skills along with the active attack that it holds to bring down the enemy. Also, make use of the combo skills and hit the foe with even more power and intensity.

However, keep on winning the battles and unlock many more skills and abilities of your character and use them on the battleground.

The Bag Pack

Not only that you must perform certain tasks and fight the monster to win the battle but you must also collect various items in the game to be able to upgrade your character, skills and overall performance. There are number of things and items that you can collect. These items are divided into various categories like; costumes, Equipment, Gem, Enchant, Mount Skill and Treasure.

So, show your skills and keep on winning to get these items and make your character even more powerful and your game even more intense.

Unlock Pets

There are many pets in Blade & Wings that you can unlock and appoint it with your character. These pets will assist you while you are in fight with monsters along with the battle against the boss enemy. So, keep on collecting new pets and use them your fight against the enemy.

Graphics & controls

Undoubtedly, the first thing that’s commendable is the graphics of the game. They are extremely smooth and super rich. The visual effects are clear and don’t lag at all, providing a great experience. In addition, the controls infused in the game deserve to be appreciated as you find them simple to learn and use. The harmony, with which the graphics and controls work are just out of the world.

How to Download

Well, downloading Blade & Wings  is super easy; all you need to do is, go to the Google Play Store and install the game straight to your devices. So, what’s the wait? Try the game right away!


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