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The puzzle game that stirred the iOS world has now reached Android. Blackbox was loved and played by all, be it the hardcore gamers or casual players. However, Android users have recently been blessed with the game that resembles the remarkable gameplay of iOS game Blackbox with not so different title Blackbox Puzzles by Idlers.

The game, however, is bringing a totally new and exciting take on puzzle games. Trust me the games in this genre were never so fun and addictive. You will feel nothing but an eternal sense of bliss while playing this game and will surely feel thankful.

Blackbox Puzzles – Gameplay & Walkthrough

For those who are not familiar with this game are surely going to lose their minds. The game is, overall, a nerve-wrecking experience and keeps you extremely anxious and curious about how to solve the puzzles. The key is that you think outside the box and take hints and analyze what could be done to solve all the challenges.

The Extensive Levels and Fun Challenges

There are reportedly 24 levels in the game so far with as many as 40 challenges for you encounter. Although, the challenges are fierce and exhilarating but they, often, get frustrating. You must think of all the possible ways to solve these riddles that are inculcated in the game. The focal point is to light up the small boxes that are present on the screen.

As you keep on completing these hard to accomplish challenges more and more challenges along with more levels unlock for you. The grid extends and makes a beautiful sketch for you to encounter. Although, I found it hard to which level should be deemed 1st or 24th but all in all, the experience proved to be quite exciting.

No Need to Touch the Screen

What makes the challenges in Blackbox Puzzles extremely fun is that you do not have to tap or touch the screen of your devices. All the work should be accomplished without touching the screen; the controls are handling the phone in various ways and not to worry about tapping or swiping. Intriguing, eh?

You may have to move and swing the phone along with doing multiple other tasks on your phone without touching the screen. Turn the volume up or down, switch on the airplane mode or put the phone on silent, there are all sorts of things that you must perform to complete the levels and unlock many further challenges.

Taking Hints and Earning Credits

Moreover, if the game gets tough for you and you want to seek help then there are hints available in the game. Tap on the light that you feel confused about and activate the hint to know what is required for you to do to light the box up.

However, there’s a catch here! The hints are not provided to you for free; earn credits to unlock the hints and solve the puzzle without having to think too much. Now the question arises on now to earn the credit, which is for your information, isn’t an easy task, there are number of ways through which you can obtain coins and utilize them to activate hints.

Watch trailers, connect to social media or spend real money to earn coins in the game that will prove to be extremely helpful to you.

Graphics and Controls

Visually the game is quite interesting! The overall look of the game is simple yet entertaining; the color combinations are fun and the map is also quite attractive and alluring. Moreover, the controls are the least concerning part about Blackbox Puzzles. As we know there is no need for touching the screen and the whole game is played upon different rules. So, I’d say let’s just get ourselves prepared for one of a kind experience that this game yearns to offer.

So, take my suggestion and start playing this marvelous game by downloading from Google Play Store and read about more Puzzle Games to see the diverse gameplay Blackbox Puzzles provides as compared to other puzzle experiences.

Good luck solving the puzzles!

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