Jurassic Survival

Survival games are always a good idea when you want to challenge  yourself for they push you to your limits, and let you solve problems creatively. From islands filled with enemies, to roads filled with zombies, we have survived it all. BETA of Jurassic Survival by Mishka is OUT Now so get ready to either hunt or be hunted down in this creation of Mishka Production.

Surviving the wild creatures, however, is a whole new experience whether it’s Jurassic Survival Island, or Durango: Wild land. In Jurassic Survival, you hunt, you fight against the wild creatures, and build a safe base to see another day. The predators are everywhere in this jungle where you are stranded alone and the only way to survive is to outwit the enemy creatures.

The Beta Version of Jurassic Survival is Out

Build a safe base, and make different traps for the enemy to keep it secure. Your only friend in the jungle is your ammunition so use the weapons wisely. Craft different hunting equipment and explore the place. Moreover, get to know more about this game at our OXiDroid’s Review.

Download the game from Google Play Store now, and begin your journey!

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