Immerse yourself in a world of monsters. Develop and breed monsters to create a deadly team in Beasts Evolved, a collision based combat game that promises to bring you extra ordinary gameplay experience with breath taking artwork, and monsters with scandalous secrets.

Reality Squared Games has come up with an adventure game that was Recently Released for Android and iOS devices where you tame monsters, to fight challenging battles in this game. Beasts Evolved is a side scroller monster breeding game that revolves around monster development, evolution and exploration of the monster infested world.

Beasts Evolved GamePlay & Walkthrough

Presented in a Gothic aesthetic, the game places you in a real time battle arena that unfolds around the attack of the Seven Kings on the World trees that caused the sky to split open forming a giant hole in the sky. You have to defeat the Seven Kings, and repair the World Trees to get back to your world.

PvP Battles

It’s an ambitious game where you fight the opponents in PvP battles to go back to where you belong. You can create a team of upto 5 players to fight the enemy. Explore Evoland by choosing a explorer to join to play for you.

Choose your explorer

Choose from 3 explorers to embark on this journey. All the heroes differ in their skills and abilities, but there’s one thing common in all – they are all deadly and ready to knock the enemy down. Flipper possesses incredible restoration skills. Tables, birds, tides of the battle, flipper can flip it all. On the other hand, crawler looks soft and smushy but can actually take quite the pounding. Mutate your character, merge and evolve them to rise to the top.

Know your enemy

The enemy is not as easy to kill as you would like to assume. The Seven Kings are all powerful, and can incur damage to your players. But, this is not your biggest concern in the game as you can use rebirth flame to heal your injured players.

Beasts HAKI & Byakko

Snipe down the enemies with low health using Byakko. If the enemy is too strong, the only way to bring them down is by sealing their skills but hey, don’t charge blindly as the enemy monsters have a special stat HAKI that makes the enemy go away. Higher the HAKI, farther the enemy!

To sum up, HAKI is a knockback; Higher the HAKI, farther the enemy! Haki is used  to protect your backlines from damage. You usually put this on your tank rather on ranged monsters since their base haki is small.

MELEE monsters can both take and give a hit, whereas the Ranged monsters deal more damage but have less HP. Push the enemy in the front row and then kill the pesky pewpew in the back. Optimize your party and make lethal formations; put some of your explorers on defense and some on offense.

See a gang of enemy ready to pounce on you?

Merge the three glyphs, stick them in and then crush the enemy. Proceed smartly and only evolve the monsters that suit your party. There’s always a way when you focused enough to knock the enemy down.

OXi Recommendation

When you aren’t fighting, upgrade your characters, and unlock more of them to strengthen the squad. Moreover you can use the rewards that you win from the battles to upgrade the explorers and level up in the game. The game is up for grabs on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes so wait no more!

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Get started!

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