Cheating Tom 4 hairstyling

Chop Chop Chop! Warm-up you fingers to chop off some hair and create unique hairstyles. Help Tom fulfill his dream to become the world best hairstylist by cheating his way in the industry. Play Cheating Tom 4 by Crazy Lab and let Tom be the hair stylist ‘Wannabe’.

As they say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. And Tom, certainly, has proven that big time. He is a newly graduated student looking for a job and guess what? He wants to become a Hair stylist.  As big thing come in small packages, likewise, Tom is a young boy but with great hairstyling talent. However, he wants to reach his destiny as soon as possible.

Cheating Tom 4 gameplay

But he can achieve it by following one way only – cheat his bosses. Tom is no ordinary guy, he knows his ways through so he opts to cheat and do some styling by his own and that too without letting his bosses know.

He had been stuck with cleaning the floors for a long time now and to heighten his talents he needs to start doing the actual job. So, to help him you have to work with him and do as many hairstyles as possible in the given span of time.

To level up the gameplay, twenty-five beautiful and innovative hairstyles are invested to be discovered. The primary goal is to unlock all of them and enhance your hairstyling skills and abilities. However, Cheating Tom 4 doesn’t let you have much of a time to do so.

Cheating Tom 4 hairstyling

Remember, you have to be apt and quick enough to complete the required hairstyles in a limited time of 14 to 16 seconds. The primal missions are mentioned at the start of each game, while the number of  lapse needed for each customer are mentioned on the small bar on top of their heads.

Don’t forget that you need to help Tom cut his way through to create a designer hair salon from just having a ‘barberchop’ around the corner of the street. Moreover, time management is very important as you need to save yourself from being caught by your bosses and also finish hairstyling in time.

The wondrous add-on in the game is its upgradeable power-ups, such as; flame on, Ghost cloak, Heart perfume, happy pup and Time freeze. All these power-ups makes your journey easier and more exciting. However, one of the most important tools to escape your boss’s eye is distraction.

Cheating Tom 4 powerup

Although the game is not a PvP game but it benefits you with an in-app friend who comes every now and then to distract your bosses and wins more time for you to satisfy your customers. Moreover, feel free to choose your avatar, so who is it going to be? Tom? Taffy? Or someone else? That’s totally up to you to decide. Additionally, the great news is that you can also customize and upgrade your avatar in Cheating Tom 4.

In my view, the game could be enhanced more in terms of its graphics and gameplay; it is too simple and one-dimensional. What would be great is if it’s able to provide a closer look of your customers while cutting their hair along with letting you control the scissors more realistically rather than just tapping above the customers.

However, Cheating Tom 4 is a game for everyone to learn and sharpen their hairstyling skill, just cheat your way through to achieve your goal and have fun. That’s all. Well, don’t forget to download the game from Google Play Store as well as from Apple iTunes for free and enjoy the unlimited mischievous hairstyling experience.

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