Become the greatest summoning warrior, and compete with heroes worldwide to become the best as the latest quest for glory has begun! TheOne Games presents a thrilling PVP battle experience to all the gamers, so brace yourself to protect the tower and seize victory with Battlemon League.

Summon monsters, and bring your squad to fight 6vs6 team matches where in addition to the basic combat tactics, you use a deck of card to annihilate the enemy like Legends Tour, or Titans: Olympians vs. Titans so without any further ado, let’s walk you through the gameplay.

Battlemon League Gameplay, Review, and Walkthrough

Battlemon League is a multiplayer action packed game where your sole goal is to outwit and outsmart your enemies by summoning monsters, and fighting epic combats. From strategy to corporation, everything needs to be top notch in order to make the opponents bow down.

In a battlemon league, you win by destroying your opponent’s tower first. You will charge on the enemy using your weapons, and monster cards.  The game controls are pretty easy, and they make the fierce battle experience worthwhile.

To destroy the opponent’s tower, use the arrow, and move to the target point. On your way to destroy the tower, you will encounter skeleton soldiers in front of the tower. Shoot the soldiers with a gun from far away.

The button with the sword is the attack button but the gun will not go off immediately. Aim the gun by holding it, and wait till a circle is formed. Hold and move to place the skeleton soldier at the center, and remove to shoot.

Summon Monsters to fight on your side!

Summon monsters to help you in defending yourself from the tower attacks. But you will need Mana and Material to summon a new monster. Mana is automatically filled over time.

Hit the minerals with a sword and earn Magic stones. Minerals are shiny stones, hit them to summon monsters. It’s dangerous to go near a tower without a summoned monster.

When you draw the skeleton card to the ground, the skeleton soldier follows you around and attacks the tower on its own. Hit the tower till its HP is drained to zero to occupy it. Moreover, you can switch your weapon to a sword any time during the battles.

Real time PVP battles

Join an ongoing battle field, and destroy the blocks in your way to seize victory. During the battles, if you are killed, you can resurrect by spending a few coins, but for a limited number of seconds only.

Catch huge monsters using Monster cards

Build a perfect monster deck! Catch the huge monsters by using your monster cards in the game. To make sure that you are undefeatable, you must upgrade your deck at all times. There are numerous cards to choose from, and equip such as the Skeleton Soldier, Skull Wizard, Anglefish Flowers, Skull Bombers, Goblin Warriors and numerous others.

Each card is unique in terms of its range, its Max HP, Defense capability etc. The skeleton soldier follows its summoners around, and flings to the enemy whenever it sees them. On the other hand, Skull Wizard is a skeleton wizard that throws fire balls to the enemies.

Capture Towers

Capture towers, and equip more cards to place for the battles. Each card is unique, and possesses special abilities so capturing the towers will be even easier when you have a vast variety of unique monster cards. But remember, cooperative play is the key!

Gain XP

Destroying each tower will earn you numerous rewards in the game, either in the form of Chest or XP. Chests contain rewards like new cards for you to use, and coins. Unlock the chests, and unlock more cards to be deadlier to the enemies.

You can upgrade your weapons, and swords by Enchanting them but it takes coins to upgrade, so don’t forget to collect as much coins as you can.

Game Modes

In the lobby, you can select different game modes. For now, you will be able to occupy the enemy’s towers in the Tower Occupation mode, but more game modes are on their way soon, so we are thrilled to try out those too.

Make tunnels and traps

Dig around to make tunnels and traps to take the enemies down. You can hide to set up sneak attacks on other monsters as well to become the best. The game features some epic team battles, that make catching the great monster a whole lot fun.

So, why don’t you put your best team forward, and compete with powerful heroes in the fierce PVP battles? The game is now available for all so download it from Google Play Store right away! Cheers!

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