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Calling out all the super heroes for a super fun game! Gamers, it’s time to join the super heroes in the ultimate quest of saving the city from chaos and destruction. In the name of justice, adventure over the Silver City, and take it back from the evil. We are talking about none other than the latest RPG BattleHand Heroes.

Created by none other than the leading publisher of mobile, and console games; Kongregate, the game follows Mr. Sunshine in his quest to restore peace and order in the Silver City.

After the success of Heroes of Rings: Dragons War, and Stormbound Kingdom Wars, the leading publisher has announced worldwide mobile launch of their latest superhero collectible card game.

BattleHand Heroes is the successor to the critically acclaimed BattleHand; a game title that was featured as Apple’s “Best of 2016” game. With big shoes to fill, we are yet to see if this time around, the game lives up to the hype or not. Here, we talk about everything BattleHand Heroes offers, from the good to the bad.

BattleHand Heroes Gameplay, Walkthrough & Review

From the first look, you can tell BattleHand Heroes is a blend of collectible card games, and role-playing. The game is set out in the beautiful world full of compelling gameplay, and stunning 3D animations where you recruit a team of heroes, equip them with a deck of skill cards, and battle to save the city.

In BattleHand Heroes, players are tasked with saving Silver City where your sole purpose is to take the city from evil. The inter-dimensional being called Omega has settled down in the Silver City, and intends to bring chaos and destruction to the city.

Unlike most RPGs where you are always on the edge of your seats, this RPG brings you lighthearted atmosphere where you will use your team to battle the forces of evil. Form a super team of super heroes, and take on waves of bad guys to defeat them, and proceed.

Recruit a team of heroes!

Assemble an elite team of super heroes, and repel the threat that has overshadowed your city. This collectible card game is hero-based so you will get to recruit a team of legendary Super Heroes called “The Sentinels” to save the Silver City.

When you begin your journey in the Silver City, you will only get to play with Mr. Sunshine, however, after certain levels, you will be able to unlock more and more heroes.

From Kitty Karma, Cloud-9, Pixel, Mr. and Mr. Sunshine, you can choose the hero you want. Each hero has a unique skill, and through the hero’s skill tree, you will be able to unlock incredible upgrades.

What I liked about BattleHand Heroes was that the game’s atmosphere is kept light throughout where you toss cards and hit the bad guys with every weapon and ability at your disposal.

Collect & evolve over 100 cards!

Build your perfect super hero team as you try to get to the top of the boards in tactical combat. At your disposal are more than 100 powerful cards that can be collected, and evolved over time. Lastly, you can level up the cards as well.

Strike down the monsters using a unique deck of cards. Each character has their own deck of cards ranging from Shield cards, HP recovery cards, and Attack cards. To increase their impact, you can upgrade them, increase their damage power etc.

Multiple battle modes!

Are you up for some PVP action? With both single-player and multiplayer modes,  BattleHand Heroes offers multiple options bringing you the best RPG experience whichever way you want. Besides the Player vs. Player challenges, there’s also Robust Campaign as well.

As you advance in the game, players will get their hands on new game modes as well; from Titan Tower, to Stadium, and Arena etc. Furthermore, you can join alliances with like-minded players as well.

Perfect your combat strategy!

Devise epic strategies to win the tactical combat. You can make perfect strategies by using the strengths and weaknesses of each of your Heroes and Villains. Join alliances, complete quests, and emerge victorious.

So, what are you waiting for? If you fancy superheroes, join the fight today by downloading this epic RPG from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now. Enjoy!


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