Remember playing Archery Big Match? Well, it seemed to be one of the most comprehensive archery games of all times; however, I am happy to announce that I was wrong. Undoubtedly, that was one of the most fun and exhilarating archery games that I have ever played but with the recently launched game Battle of Arrow by FourThirtyThree Inc. the gaming world is on a roll.

The game has, newly, made its worldwide release and, definitely, it is an utter blessing for all archery based games fans. The game withholds a great gameplay to it; the horseback archery duels with a twist of immersive thrill of gyroscopic action takes the whole gaming experience to another level.

There is fun, there is action, there is excitement and above all there is bloodshed. All thanks to the advanced visual graphics of the game. However, to know more let’s have a deep study of the game and start with its gameplay.

Battle of Arrow – Gameplay, Walkthrough & OXi Verdict

Battle of Arrow – The Intense Archery Experience

There is no doubt that the gameplay of this game is extremely fun and lets you experience what you always longed for. Primarily, you will have to make use of your archery skills, show the world what you have got and play many matches that will let you practice your archery skills.

Not to mention, the type archery venture this game takes you on is marvelous. Unlike, Archery Big Match, the game does not have fixed target on a designated platform; instead, you must come face to face with the opponent while riding on a horseback. The real challenge is taking aim at the rival while sitting on a moving horse.

Although, it seems to be easy but trust me it’s not, especially when you play Adventure battles. Moreover, hitting different parts of the rival’s body withholds different points and damage so, be wise while you strike the enemy and take aim on its weak points.

Apprentice Training Group, Arena and Adventure Matches

The game starts off with the training; you must learn to control the view along with the arrow so that you find no difficulty in the real arena matches. I must say, the training is quite important to take as its quite technical controlling the game and at the same time it’s absolutely mesmerizing.

Moving on, the default game mode is Arena in Battle of Arrow; it is comprised of various chapters in which you have to face off a randomly selected online player and need to bring him down by attacking him and bringing his XP to end. Moreover, there is a time restraint as well; you must complete the match in as early as possible and set the record.

Not to mention the Adventure mode is the most exciting and that why more difficult of all the modes. It withholds further two modes in it; Campaign and Raid. The Campaign requires you to eliminate monsters from each area or level, possessing a boss monster at the end and gives you Gold Ingots. On the other hand, you must destroy Tarad to unlock Raid mode and play with friends.

Character Selection and Upgrades

Initially, you must select a character for yourself, depending on the gender. Once that is set, you must keep on winning various matches to unlock many character items to upgrade and enhance your character. The added items would guarantee more protection and less damage to the character. Once you have received all the required items you can level up your character, preparing it for the more fierce face offs in Battle of Arrow.

Additionally, each item can be upgraded individually and you can also unlock many more variant and unique cross bows from Longbows to dual-wielding hand crossbow along with new and improved armor that can also be enhanced. Moreover, you can mount with much stronger and powerful horse and have a better game altogether.

Not to forget, you can also sell unnecessary items in your inventory to make space for more items and can increase the space by upgrading it.

Talent Points

As you keep on winning more and more games and level up, not only your game but also your character, more talent points are given to you which are comprised on various abilities. You can obtain different aptitudes by obtaining talent points which can, eventually, unlock many imperative and strong abilities, such as; ATK Damage, Dumpling, Spur, Zoom Speed, Fire Arrow, Fire Damage and Fire Effect. So, keep on winning and become strong.

Joining Guild and Worldwide Ranking

As far as you reach level 12 the guild opens for you; you can make friends, make teams and play alongside them to defeat the big bosses. Moreover, you need to retain and sustain your position in the game so focus on attaining more and more character points and rank up your position in the game.

The Amazing Graphics and Smooth Controls

The graphics of the game are the reason to fall in love with this game; the so so slick and colorful that you just forget the world. The bloodshed and visuals effects seem so real that it keeps you totally indulged in the game.

Furthermore, the controls of the agem are extremely easy to learn but needs some practice to master. Just Drag the quiver with your fingers, Move your device and aim at the target. Once the target is set release the arrow and see your opponent fall on its knee. Simple!

OXi Verdict

So, without a doubt, Battle of Arrow is one of the best Archery games of today; it lets you practice your skills and polish them while you are on horseback and through its diverse game modes the whole experience just rejuvenates altogether. So, let’s download the game from Google Play Store and read about your favorite Action Games on our site.

Drag, Aim and release to enjoy the ultimate Archery experience.

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