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Have you ever thought about styling someone and making them look classy and elegant? We all must have played the dressing up games at least once in our lifetime. These games are a great way to pass time and are mostly loved by girls where they can fulfill their dream of styling someone using some amazing fashion sense.

Barbie™ Fashion Closet is one such game developed by Mattel where you can style a character by your own choice. It has a simple gameplay which does not even require any tutorial. As the game begins, you will have to select a character for styling. Some of the characters will be locked at the start so pick the ones which are unlocked.

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Get creative with your styling skills with Barbie™ Fashion Closet. Go ahead and choose how you want to dress up your character. Choose from tons of clothing items and dress up according to your wish. You can also change the hair color, select shoes, features etc. The possibilities are endless!

Once you’re done dressing up your character, you will now be choosing a wallpaper for your room where you can take a picture. After that you will be able to add accessories, apply filters and then you’re good to click a picture.

Take photos of various looks and save them in a photo album. Moreover, you can also share that album with your friends and show them how hip and trendy you can make someone look.

Not only that but you also can mix and match outfits. If you’re not satisfied with the present outfit, you can change it again without any hassle. Additionally, you can create career outfits too. Well isn’t that fun? You can choose from various career outfits for your character to give them a professional look.

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As you keep on playing Barbie™ Fashion Closet really well, you will earn a lot of items and unlock various gifts that will make your game a lot better. You can also buy a lot of different bundles from the store.

Furthermore, you can also unlock new careers with the purchase pack and make your game even more fun and interesting. Once you’re done styling your character, choose another one. Make Barbie and her friends look like fashionistas they are and make them stand out in the crowd. You can also explore new place with Barbies and her friends.

So, go ahead and indulge in a world full of fashion and fun. Create new looks anytime you want and show them to your friends and family. This is a free to download game which is available on both Google Play Store as well as the App Store.

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