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Venture across Armello as you set out on a journey to claim the throne. It’s time to explore a medieval fantasy world in the all new adventure board game Armello.

In this grand adventure, Armello brings you the best of all worlds with its vast play style. If you are a card game lover, incorporate the deep tactics, if you are a board games lover, devise rich strategy, or if you love RPGs, embark on an epic adventure. Combine the three styles of play, and you get a heroic adventure of Armello.

This board game is created by League of Geeks where unlike BattleHand Heroes where you enjoy hero based collectible card game, you will quest, hire agents, fight the monsters, and become the King or Queen of Armello. The game is full of intrigue, story plotting and much more, so without any further ado, let us walk you through the game.

Armello Gameplay, walkthrough, and Review

Armello is a role playing strategy board game set in a fantasy world filled with animals where up to four players take on the role of a hero chosen from the clan to take part in the campaign to become the ruler.

The game features turn based mechanics of any board game where the gameplay revolves around a nice, and cards drawn from a deck. In Armello, players will step into the kingdom of Armello that’s not just beautiful; it is equally dangerous as well. As corruption emerges in the kingdom, the bandits, banes, and peril hide in every nook and corner.

Cast spells in fast-paced fun

The gameplay is quite easy to grasp, and pick up, but hard to master. You and your opponents take turns in the day-night cycle. To let the players enjoy the gameplay to the fullest, the game includes a story-driven tutorial mode as well.

As players adventure in Armello in fast paced fun, they will not just encounter deadly opponents, but they will also devise tactics, take complex decisions to master the game.

Players can choose from multiple animal heroes in the game. Each hero is unique in its own way; they all possess a special power, Al personality, and can be equipped with different weapons of choice such as an Amulet and Signet Ring that matches their style.

Discover hundreds of cards

Featuring artists from all over the world, the game gives you more than 150 animated cards at your disposal.

To win in the game, you will devise epic strategies. Either kill the king, or earn the highest prestige so when the monarch dies of a disease called the rot, you are the chosen one. If the turns don’t prove to be enough to wait for the king, defeat him in the combat, either by gathering four spirit stones, or gaining higher rot than him.

Single & multiplayer battles

Killing the king is a lot easier when he is at low health, but making your way to the king is not. The king’s tile is surrounded by perils so you will need a good selection of cards, high spirit count, and matching four symbols to get close. Clear a palace peril, get to the king, and the victory is yours.

Besides killing the king, you will also pick up a lot of Rot to corrupt yourself, and out-corrupt the king before killing him. Victories come in from killing heroes, killing the banes, completing quests one after the other, and through your deck of cards.

Dynamic sandbox world to explore

The game is set in a dynamic sandbox world where each game features a new map, and completes with a dynamic quest system, where completing the quests takes you further in the game.

Turn based cycle

Players can journey across the Armello hex-based board, and use the fuzzy turn-based battle system that is based on the day and night cycle to play cards without having to wait for your turn.

There is a hell lot of gameplay to keep track of, in Aremello; a lot of symbols, day-night system, as well as the stats but there is nothing special about Armello beyond its style. However, the game sets a good premise for an adventure. So, if you are looking for some in-depth RPG card gameplay, give this game a shot by downloading it from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now. Cheers!


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