Save the realm from the insane king! Warriors, gear up for a breath-taking adventure as Armello has been soft-launched for Android & iOS. It is a card game by League of Geeks that offers a blend of fantastical RPG, and rich strategy board games.

Armello takes you an all-animal world in this latest card game adventure where players become heroes from various clans of animals and compete against one another to dethrone the king.

It is a turn based game, where in each round, players draw cards that enable them to move, equip new items, and cast spells on the opponents. Players will join as a hero from one of Armello’s great clan, and they will quest, hire agents, annihilate the monsters, and strive to become the King, or Queen of Armello.

For an in-depth walkthrough, head over and read Oxidroid Review, or if you want to grab the game right away, it can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. Enjoy!

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