ARK: Survival Evolved

Survive and thrive against the odds, and live all your Bear Grylls fantasies in the latest adventure game as ARK: Survival Evolved Launches Worldwide on Android & iOS. It’s time to dive into the latest ultimate mobile adventure, tame the mighty beasts, and survive.

The game created by Studio Wildcard is all about wandering around the vast space, and taming some dinosaurs. The key part of the game is surviving the dinosaur infested world by all means necessary.

To survive the world, you will need to craft different weapons, items, and clothes, as well as build different shelters, and even large cities safe from the dinosaurs. You can also join a tribe, cooperate, and share your resources and such to defend yourself against the predators.

So, capture the animals, tame them, and build mighty structures to survive and thrive by downloading the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now. To know all about the game, head over and check out OXI Review. Enjoy!

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