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It’s time to survive and thrive on a mysterious island with the ultimate mobile dino adventure brought to you by none other than Studio Wildcard. If you are craving intense survival-based gameplay, then look no further as the latest adventure game ARK: Survival Evolved is now out, and running!

Dive in the massive world, capture, and tame the mega beasts and make a mark in the Jurassic-era world. Before we get into reviewing this adventure for you, check out Jurassic World Alive, and Dino War and see the mighty battles, and survival experiences we have present you earlier. That said, this latest adventure brings you a survival experience like no other.

ARK: Survival Evolved Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

ARK: Survival Evolved takes you to the massive game world where you start out alone, and unarmed. The game allows players to target all kinds of dinosaurs in an effort to stay alive on an island where the supersized reptiles still exist. So, how do you defend yourself against the mega predators without any arms? Let’s find out.

Train & tame over 80 dinosaurs!

The game lets you tame, and train more than 80 dinosaurs, and other primeval creatures. Not only can you tame them, but you also get to ride and breed as many dinosaurs as you can in dynamic ecosystems across land, sea, and air.

Here, your ultimate goal in the game is to survive the hostile world by gathering different materials, and crafting items. To stay alive in the game, your character will need both water, and food. Collect berries, and other edible foods from the vegetation on the island, hunt different creatures to get the meat, and proceed to survive.

Build mighty structures!

The action in ARK: Survival Evolved is not limited to hunting, and capturing the monsters. It’s much more than that. You will use all means to survive the beasts filled place. For that, you need to build structures. You can craft different weapons, clothes, and other items to survive. Furthermore, you can build your own structures as well such as shelters, villages, and large cities.

Players will have to find different materials to craft structures. Everything is a resource in the game for you, from the trees to the stones. Use the trees for the wood, and build wooden structures, and use the rocks to start a fire. With plenty of resources, you can not only craft items, but build shelters and advanced weapons as well.

Form tribes!

Even if you don’t want to fight the enemy alone, the game provides you the chance to do so. Join a tribe, and cooperate together as you work with supporting dynamic parties. Share your XP, re-spawn points and resources with your tribe members, and conquer together.

Game modes

As for the game modes, ARK: Survival Evolved allows players to go alone in the battles in the single-player mode, or you can group up with hundreds of other players in large scale battles.

Jurassic-era world to explore!

As you level up in the game, not only do you learn new skills, you also find various materials to craft resources. One thing that must not be forgotten is the moment you character dies in the game, you reenter with nothing. All your equipments, and resources will be gone but you will be able to keep the bonuses.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a dinosaur hunting game that’s all about taming, and capturing the massive beasts, and working together with other tribes to survive their wrath. Unsurprisingly, the game looks fantastic. The game characters move with realism that you will not forget to admire. Why don’t you see it for yourself? Head over, and dominate the island by downloading the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now. Cheers!


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