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Are you ready to embark on a journey to unearth the hidden secrets of the world? Join the twelve brave heroes as they begin an expedition where they unravel different mysteries. Join Auroria’s legendary heroes in ArcheAge Begins created by GAMEVIL and create a dream team that is invincible! Choose your heroes from dozens of options and create a team that the enemy dreads and ensure your victory.

The battle is carried out automatically where you will face the deadly enemy and fight with them till victory or death. Save your heroes from the enemy, and join the expedition to the garden.

Your 4 heroes are controlled by you and you alone with easy game controls and intuitive card-flipping system where you will indulge with the battles with other players to reach for glory and other rewards.

Challenge the warrior in you by strategizing in the PvP mode of the game and rise to the top. Be a trader or plunder, raise livestock, gather materials through fishing, craft and trade, there are a plenty of options to earn the rewards to acquire new heroes, gold, and gems.

ArcheAge Begins Gameplay

You can acquire skill cards to learn new skills but only after the wait time is over. View the card’s description to see what damage it can cause. Throw the skill card in the numbered direction to use it so to take the target number 2, just swipe the card towards the number and your character will pounce on him. You can also use them on your allies to recover HP and to get the energy boost.

Fight mysterious creatures and battle fierce dragons. Only your skills card can help you defeat the beast. To inflict maximum damage, attack your enemy within 6M. Use the Serial Shot skill to shoot or use three consecutive arrows to inflict PHY damage. Recover a small amount of ally HP 5 consecutive times.

ArcheAge Begins Victory

To upgrade your characters and the skills, use Shop to acquire the summon box and Gem box. The summon box will reward you with Free Hero Box, Heroic Box, Hero Materials Box.

Summon new heroes so your team becomes deadlier for the enemy by checking the Manage Heroes tab where you will know the skills of each hero and you would be able to choose them according to their skills.

Pre-register the game on Google Play Store as such users will get pre registration rewards such as additional gems, gold and stamina, and get a chance to exercise all your strategic expertise.

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