Animus Harbinger for PC

Delve into the past, and witness Kerr the Breaker bear down on the realm in vengeance in the all new action game Animus – Harbinger. It’s time to experience a story like no other in this action packed game created by Tenbirds.

This action adventure takes you back to history where bringer of nightmare fights for vengeance. In this game, players will take charge as Forlorn – a pilgrim caught out of time, and follower of the Resonant. As the shadow of the late king Cadmus calls upon you, you must save the children of Qurrhem, and the realm of Cadmeia.

Animus – Harbinger is all about proving your worth against the embodiment of death, Gravetender after meeting the Breach King. Players will traverse through Cadmeia to delivers its inhabitants from peculiar medicine men, monsters, and hellbounds.

The kingdom is plagued with chaos, corruption, and confusion, and as a mighty pilgrim who will take on the enemy with axe, hammer or blade. Knock everyone who embodies the coming nightmare dead, and prove your might.

So, are you ready to take on the bosses? Head over and enjoy this fun action adventure by downloading the game from Google Play Store now. Cheers!

To be able to Run Animus – Harbinger for PC, you would be needing an Android Emulator. There are many Emulators out there which will help you achieve your goal. Follow simplest of the steps illustrated below and enjoy Playing Animus – Harbinger for PC.

Steps to Play Animus – Harbinger for PC & Laptops

  1. Download BlueStacks using OXiDroid’s Comprehensive Guide. We have covered all the necessary steps required for a smooth installation.
  2. Launch BlueStacks Emulator from your Start Menu or Desktop Icon assuming that you have followed the steps illustrated in Step One.
  3. Once Launched, BlueStacks will take you the “App Center”.
  4. Navigate to “My Apps” Window using the button located in the top left corner.
  5. In “My Apps” Window, you will find a search bar located in the top right corner.
  6. Search for “Animus – Harbinger” using the Search Bar and wait for BlueStacks to Launch Google Play Store. (BlueStacks uses Google Play Store Repository)
  7. BlueStacks will show relevant results with respect to searched keyword “Animus – Harbinger“. Select the Desired App / Game to reveal it’s contents.
  8. Here you will find Content related to the App and an “Install” button. Tap it to initiate Download.
  9. Wait for Animus – Harbinger to Download. Once Done, navigate to “My Apps” Section as stated in Step Four.
  10. In “My Apps” Window, you will find all the Downloaded & Installed Apps.
  11. Click on the desired Icon Launch and Play Animus – Harbinger for PC.
  12. Cheers!

That’s all for now. If for some reasons, you are not able to find the desired App, you can Download an APK File from trusted source and Install it. Walk-through is available in the “Play Android Games for PC using APK Files” section of our BlueStacks Guide.

Do let us know if you have any queries related to the method illustrated above. If you liked the idea or facing issues implementing it, leave your thoughts & queries in the comments section below.

Furthermore, OXiDroid thrives to provide Gaming Fanatics with the best collection of Games out there. Do not forget to visit our OXi Best-est Game Suggestion Portal, so that you can save time searching for ONE and spend Playing one. Cheers!

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