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Attention: There is a new-fangled arcade treat for kids available on the Android. Cartoon Network EMEA has released – Super Slime Blitz – a Gumball game for younger audience which is surely a blessing for the parents too. It is a highly addictive game with a substantial gameplay for kids to delve in.

Cartoon Network has always been successful in producing eventful games for children, like; Ben Ten: Alien Express, Toonix and Gumball Rainbow Ruckus. All of which have not only entertained but help develop cognitive and motor skills.

Super Slime Blitz a gumball game gameplay

Filling in their own shoes, the developers have yet again created a game that lets the kids climb higher, ledge to ledge whilst destroying blocks to move ahead in the game. The dominant task is to save yourself by breaking the blocks in your way and pave way to climb higher.

Likewise, the investment of thirty amazing and interesting characters extracted from The Amazing World of Gumball makes this game a lot more fun and exciting. So, undoubtedly, Super Slime Blitz a Gumball game is a must for your kids to probe as it lets them have arcade experience with a twist of smashing.

Go on to the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes right now and give your kids a fun viand.

Don’t forget – amusement waits in the Gumball World!

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