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Set off on an endless sand boarding experience, and soar above the sandy dunes just beyond the horizon as we bring you a stunning action packed adventure in the all new game Alto’s Odyssey.

Explore a vast and unexplored desert, and traverse through thrilling canyons, windswept dunes in a fantasy place brought to you by none other than Noodlecake Studios Inc; the creator of It’s Full of Sparks.

Although the game is a follow up to the immensely popular game Alto’s Adventure but don’t fret even if you have not played the first part, players will still be able to enjoy the follow-up, and the game proves to be a pleasing even as a standalone experience. So, without any further ado, let’s find out what the game is all about.

Alto’s Odyssey Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

In this breath-taking adventure, players will join Alto and his friends on an endless journey to the dunes and discover the secrets of the unexplored desert. The game has taken everything we loved from Alto’s Adventure – the stunning game graphics, the butter smooth gameplay, as well as a great game atmosphere.

Alto’s Odyssey incorporates all the goodness of its prequel, and steps it up a notch by giving us a brand new story, and diverse new environment to explore. So, what’s new in this game? Well, the snow capped mountains have been replaced by the rolling sand dunes, and plenty of other surprises await the gamers as well including new tricks, new ways to interact, and engage.

What makes the Alto series a thoroughly pleasing experience is the elegant one-touch trick system that’s easy to learn, but hard to master. With the intuitive game controls, players will be able to complete 180 goals, and chain together combos.

Explore Biomes

Explore the long-hidden temples, and traverse through the thrilling canyons as you try to unravel all the secrets that lie in this fantasy place. Uncover the many mysteries of the desert, and advance in the adventure.

Along the way, players will bounce atop the gorgeous hot air balloons, ride the towering rock walls, grind vines, and escape lemurs. Explore the biomes, from the dunes to the canyons, temples etc. Explore the rich and diverse landscape where each area boasts unique gameplay experience, and stunning visuals.

Discover secrets in the sky

Soar above the dunes with hot-air balloons, and discover the secrets of the sky. Enjoy the newfound heights in moving grind rails, and wall riding etc. The desert is a home to swirling wind, and rushing water where you will be able to enjoy the weather effects like sandstorm, shooting stars, and dynamic lighting.

Meet Alto and friends

In Alto’s Odyssey, players can choose from upto six unique characters in the game. Meet Alto and his friends, and unlock the unique characters where each one has its own unique abilities, and attributes.

Endless desert fun in Zen Mode

As for the game modes, players can compete in the action gameplay in two different modes. In the Zen mode, you will embark on the journey with a serene soundtrack featuring in the background. Here, in this mode, there are no scores, no coins to grab, and no power ups to strive for, just you and an endless desert.

Get behind the lens in Photo Mode

In the other game mode, players will get behind the lens, and from the pause screen, they can take stunning photos of your trip through the desert. Pan, zoom, pinch, and swipe to get the perfect frame, and a perfect shot of the breathtaking world, and share it with your friends, and family.

All in all, Alto’s Odyssey is a beautifully designed game that will take you on a serene trip. The game is a great sequel, and definitely worth a shot. As the game has now arrived, players can download it from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. Cheers!

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