Age of Conquest IV Gameplay

Age of Conquest IV can be considered one of the best strategic games offered by Noble Master Games so far, as it’s been successful in delivering great gameplays and astonishing story-lines. It has provided an action packed gameplay and has given you an opportunity to live in the ancient world of warships.

See for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

Let’s have a look over what the game has to offer;

Primarily, the game is based on turn-base strategy. The motto of the game is to expand the designated empire and take over multiple countries by battling them.

Sounds easy, eh? Well trust me it’s not.

You need to plan the game wisely with some powerful strategy, you can be attacked by other empires on your way. Others can declare a war against you where you have to defend your country boarders or else the enemy can takeovers.

Apart from that you also have to attack other empires and countries whilst defending your own. So, you need to act very wisely and plan attacks and defenses tactically.

Age of Conquest IV Gameplay

What’s worth mentioning is in Age of Conquest IV, you need to create an army powerful enough to defend you in the battle field. Don’t forget that the number of soldiers equal to that of the opponent’s army dies in each battle.

So, to keep the good number of soldiers in the army you need to expand your armies and place them in rightful places to defend and battle.

How cool is to know that you can play in both solo colossal wars as well as in multiplayer games. In single player mode, you start a new game by selecting the country and by adjusting multiple characteristics of that area.

While, in the multiplayer mode you form alliances with friends and can play with them against the enemy. But what’s more interesting is that you can also play against your friends for more thrilling and exciting battles.

Age of Conquest IV home

The areas that could be ruled and conquered also entices the excitement and interest in you, as multiple ancient and medieval countries that are available in the gameplay, such as; Roman Empire, Russia, the Inca, Japan, France and the Chinese Dynasty.

Interestingly, the goal of the game is not only to expand and extend your armies but also to rule your country in a very realistic way. You must keep check and balance of the payable taxes along with keeping the population happy.

What is noticeable that there are numbers of ways to keep the population happy. You can appoint governors to keep the state in order and manage taxing system. You can also distribute some money to make the population even more happier.

Age of Conquest IV finances

The range of functionality, notably, lingers between expansion, diplomacy and managing the country’s finances and economy. Befitting to mention, Age of Conquest IV is based on the genetic algorithms and is invested with multiple maps to cater your choices

Remember that there are number of maps and scenarios that are offered in the game. It’s up to you to select any one of them at the start of each game. These maps are quite unique and different from one another and are offered for free. However, new maps can also be downloaded in the game and required real money in exchange.

Interestingly, the game also has ELO ranking system available in it. You can compare your scores with your friends all around the world. In addition, your playing statistics and achievements can also be viewed in the game.

Age of Conquest IV single mode

I can’t help but say that Age of conquest IV is one of the best strategy based games that I have ever played. It is fascinating and interesting and makes you stay totally engrossed. If you want to experience a nail-biting and non-stop unlimited fun then you surly must play this game and have the fun of a lifetime.

Don’t waste time now and Download the game from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and let yourself enter the world of entertainment for free.


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