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Let’s run all our worries away and save the land of Ooo in Adventure Time Run – a release by Tangent Co., Ltd. The crystal that holds the land of Ooo together has shattered so it is your responsibility now to save it by restoring the crystal. You have to run through various Kingdoms like; Candy Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Mountain Kingdom and more and save the land.

Adventure Time Run gameplay

By investing various items to find and collect like; magic stones, coins, badges, seeds, character pieces and some food the game has gone an extra mile ahead.

The gaming modes of Adventure Time Run shapes the zeal even more. It is composed of multiple gaming episodes to be complete; however, various levels of games could be upgraded within them. it is worth mentioning that you can also take part in few daily, weekly and episodic quests available in the tree house.

While you are on the run you need to collect some treasures and chests. These chests may contain some unique items and inventories which are upgradable, prone to evolve and even sell as per your benefit.

One interesting feature is the jump pads of various shapes and sizes, posted in the game, However, by jumping on these pads the player can collect and gain some extra coins, badges and other in-app items.

Adventure Time Run episode

Befitting enough to mention that the character runs on the auto generated system by the game. Although, you are given the duty to prevent it from crashing into hurdles and obstacles.

As far as the controls of the game are concerned, you need to swipe the screen to control the character. Simply, swipe left or right to move the character while swipe up or down to make the character jump or to roll on the ground.

In addition, the character is also has a HP gauge. Not to Forget, the character loses its HP as it runs along; however, it is very important to save the character from crashing into things as it drains out more energy than usual.

On the plus side, the episodes in Adventure Time Run has two kinds of extra portals in it. These portals take you into a new kind of gameplay but for a few seconds. One portal brings you into a gaming world of monsters, where you need to kill monsters without being killed.

Adventure Time Run portals

On the other hand, the second portal takes you to the world of ice, where you either have to run away from the ice king or have to save yourself from getting crashed by the rolling balls and ice hurdles. However the interesting thing about these portals is that it does not take any HP from you.

What could blow you away is the list of other characters inspired by ‘Adventure Time’, such as; main character Fin, Jake, Bubblegum, Marceline and more. These characters can be employed to run for you, and can also be upgraded. However, these characters are unlocked and then upgraded at certain a level.

Adventure Time Run character

There are some unique and special skills upgradeable with character pieces while some with money. Additionally, there is also a skill gauge for each character showing their skill-set.

What’s interesting is that the game is not formed on PvP gaming. Whatsoever, the scores can still be compared with players all around the world.

Adventure Time Run is quite an attention-grabbing game; it has some awesome game features and attractive graphic designs to color your hands with. It’s a must download for those who love watching ‘Adventure Time’ and want to experience the life of its characters.

Well, the game is available on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes for free and has some in-app purchasing.

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