Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt

Escape the hunter’s clutches, and find your way out of the Haunted Hut as the latest thrilling adventure game Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt is now Available. Can you escape the mansion, and save your supernatural brothers?

This latest spooky adventure is created by none other than Haiku Games where players are trapped in a haunted Victorian mansion, and the ultimate goal is to escape. Players play as Otto; the supernatural hunter’s latest catch, but you have to use your shape shifter abilities to find your way out.

Explore the spooky locations such as the séance room, armory, secret vault etc and learn the tragic history of the mansion. On your journey, you will also meet other supernatural characters as well.

The game features some devious puzzles and riddles to get you hooked as well. If you are intrigued, and want to give this game a shot, head over to Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now and download it. Have fun!

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