AdVenture Communist Got an Update

Hey guys! We assume that you may have already known that the developers of AdVenture CapitalistKongregate, sometime ago, released its sequel – AdVenture Communist. Undoubtedly, the first edition of the game was loved and liked by many as it had served one of the best idle clicker experiences. However, after the release of its second franchise many are still pleased and hope to see much more.

The sequel is as satisfying as the first edition. However, the only difference is the basic perceptions of both the games. One game is based on capitalist world while other is based on totally the opposite concept – communism.

Being the idle game, you don’t have to put a lot of physical effort apart from managing to produce required goods and items to complete multiple tasks; like, buying more farmers, extending land and constructing more building.

AdVenture Communist has got an update gameplay

However, all of this fun is amplified with the latest update. That’s right! AdVenture Communist Got an Update and it’s totally worth it trying for. It is fun, innovative and above all amusing to dive in.

The game has now got Time Travel in it. The prestige system is updated and now you can travel back in time to gain more bonus pool of Science. Moreover, many secondary effects are added to Experiment, providing you with more variety of experimentation to give the gaming experience a significant boost.

So, go on to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to download the game on your devices. However, Read more about the game in our Review Article about AdVenture Communist and know all there is to know about the game.

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