1LINE – One Line with One Touch

Looking for a game that involves using your brain and making decisions on your own? Well, if that is the case then you have landed on the right place.  1LINE – One Line with One Touch is a simple game with a simple way to help you get some brain training everyday. Play it anywhere and at anytime you like to get your brain all activated.

Games For Rest have come up with their incredible board game that has been released for Android devices. This game is all set to get you focused at one place and involves your brain activity.

So, get ready to experience all the challenge and thrill yourself.

1LINE – One Line with One Touch Gameplay &Walkthrough

The gameplay is not very hard to master and can be played by anyone however as you keep clearing the levels, the game get a lot trickier so don’t for a second think that it is a piece of cake. The game has super simple rules and a gameplay that is sure to keep your focused the entire time.

How to Play?

Playing the game is super smooth with the super smooth controls where all you have to do is join to dots with only one finger. Keep joining the dots until the figure provided is formed and all the dots and lines have been joined.

Challenging Packs

As the game begins, you will be provided with a little tutorial that will  help you how the game actually works. Once, you are done with it, you will be priceeeded to a pack that contains some amount of levels. The levels at the start are pretty easy and anyone can play them but don’t be deceived as you keep clearing the kevels, they are going to get super tricky. So, make sure to use your brain and connect the right dots.

Moreover, there are hundreds of challenging packs which further have some levels. These packs are free to play and keep getting unlocked once you clear all the previous levels.

Daily Challenges

Just in case, you are tired of playing the levels, you can move over to the Daily Challenges. You will be able to play these daily challenges everyday which are trickier but are sure to make your game a lot better. Moreover, if you get stuck at some you always have the Hint option.

Get Help with Hints

Do not be deceived by the look of this game as it is going to get a lot trickier. So, what if you get stuck at some point in the game and are unable to move ahead? Well, there’s a solution for that too. You can always use the Hints option at the bottom that will provide you with some ways to correctly join the dots.

Not to forget, there are certain amounts of hints that you can use so use wisely. Also, you can get more hits by watching a video if you run out of hints.

The Retry and Undo Buttons

It is definitely going to be tricky when you have large figures where dots need to be connected correctly. Apart from the hints option, you can either press the retry option where you will get to play the level from the start. Or you can press the undo button to remove the last move. This will help make your game a lot better and give you more room to think.

Also, the Retry, Undo, and Hint buttons are present right below the puzzle where you will be able to use them without any hassle.

Controlling Mechanism and Graphics

The controlling mechanism of this game is extremely smooth as all you have to do is tap with just one finger. Moreover, the graphics also provide a great sight for the eyes as they have been beautifully made.

Prove Yourself as the Smartest

So, do you think you can complete all those challenging packs and prove yourself to be the smartest? Well, let me tell you that only 1% of the people can complete the puzzles in this tricky game.

So, if you think you have all it takes then head over to Google Play Store and download this game right away. You can also check out more Board games from our OXi site.

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