1LINE – One Line with One Touch

Buckle up gamers! It is now time for some brain training and making it more active. Well, how? Let me give you a super exciting news as Games For Rest have finally released their board game titled as 1LINE – One Line with One Touch that is going to provide you some brain training exercises daily.

1LINE – One Line with One Touch

This has a super captivating gameplay which is sure to get you hooked to your screens for quite a long time. All you have to do is connect all the dots with only touch. It might look like a piece of cake but be prepared as this is a super tricky game with hundreds of challenging packs and daily challenges.

Moreover, you can also get hints if you’re stuck at some point. If this news has made you all excited, you can head over to our OXi site to read a detailed review on this game. So, without any further ado, head over to the Google Play Store and get your hands on this game right away.

Also, if you are fan of Board games, you can check more of them from our OXi site. Happy Gaming!

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